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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Learning: Massive Dump

Massive. Dump.
Do you know what I hate? I hate getting up at 6 in the morning, cramming oatmeal and cottage cheese, and then jumping in the pool by 6:40.  I had the exact same look right when I hopped into the warm pool and began my set. It was a nice, sunny, and cool morning, and the pool was at an excellent temperature. So why such a sour face?

... I had to take a massive diarrhea. And you know what I did, right?  I took that dump right then and there. You should have seen the impact. Similar to the bullet ripping through an apple @ 0:22 in this: 

.. No, I was just joking. I wish I could take that fat dump; release the monstrous creature into the beautiful crystal clean pool. Instead, I held it in. Yes, I held my feces in my stomach while I was swimming sprint 100's. Could you imagine how that felt? 

What a great lesson I've learned today: Always remember to hold your poop overnight so when I swim the next morning, I can feel good. No, no no. I learned that I need to set my alarm clock at least 40 minutes before I actually need to wake up to prepare.  

It's interesting. My first post in my blog is about my wishing I could have diarrhea'd into the pool. Boy, this will truly be an adventure. 

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  1. All about that snooze time in the morning. Without it, i'm worthless.