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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yearning: a time for time management

a time for time management

I told myself today that I would only spend about an hour for blogging per day. I said that at about 9a.m.  and then I had a sudden impulse to start blogging and it didn't end till about 11... Now, I'm starting to blog again and this running on the "2 hours+ " section of my day's time. This is starting to become a priority for me  because of the enjoyment and extreme... pleasure ;) I am getting from writing (I think it's because I'm so captivating, and have such good topics!).

Though this whole blogging thing is fun and interesting and so fulfilling and so captivating and etc. I need to watch my time. I've had a time problem since the beginning of time. I can't keep track of dates nor the time very well.

"Oh, but Mr. Pink! Look at the brightside; you have such a skill! Your lack of time management is always useful when it's PARTY TIME!"
Yes, you're right. I always loose track of time, especially when it is party time. But, now is a time for change.

I've always heard people tell one another that the best way to organize your time is to use a planner so that you can develop good time management skills. Yeah, I've tried that and it becomes all helpful and dandy... until I couldn't remember a single thing without my notebook.
That stupid notebook that is so damn helpful.
THEN life started to twist backwards. I tried shaving down the amount of usage of the notebook, but I just had trouble getting things done. My showers and bathroom breaks got out of hand: 2 hour toilet breaks just became ridiculous. "Call Mrs. White about bank account"  became a "go have a wicked loose chill out with Mrs. White and all your friends around the beach so that you could get to know her more...... Oh, and mention your bank account for an ice breaker." "Read" transformed into "Watch every movie that is loosely based on a novel... and then maybe watch a few movies that are somewhat related to the previous movies so that the general theme is stuck in your head."
As you might have noticed, the dangerous notebook was a double edged sword.

But then I found that rusty old metal notebook and started to utilize it again.

So now you must be wondering,
  " Wow, Mr. Pink, you're a genius! Please elaborate on how I could use this double edged notebook to somehow benefit my life!"
Well, young Jacky, you see, time management is a skill that calls for very specific and unique identifications. You've got to prioritize your plans first. Then, you must have a planner to write in the activities with specific time lengths. For example: I want to spend time blogging. I would write in my planner "9-10A.M. Blog about ____." Then I would plan the next activity "10-10:10: Drink 2 cups of water." It is key that the time frame is specified and the activity is also detailed in the planner.

O.K. I'm seriously running out of time here. I have an appointment in 10 minutes and I have never been there before, so I'm going to hurry this up.

The last thing you need for time management skills is self-control. That took up 5 minutes to think of.

Thanks for reading.

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